Are you one of many people looking for means on how to lose 30 pounds fast or you are a casual exerciser who really want to lose weight who don’t take their routine seriously? The customary way of getting you started and motivating you to keep at it hasn’t been helpful in making you work out at the time you want to or expected to. Here are some approaches to motivate you to workout.


  • Embrace your efforts and give yourself treats

Yea, most people will motivate you to draw out a plan, healthy goals to achieve or a mental picture of how you want to look. Most people even go as far as getting a picture of Barbie and placing it on their walls just to serve as a reminder of how over weighed they are. All these pushes are good but they won’t motivate you long enough for you achieve your dreamed size 8.

If you are too hard on yourself, in no time you will get lazy, frustrated and probably give up on your aim on how to lose 30 pounds in 30days. Your focus shouldn’t be on these goals only but whenever you achieve any one of the set goals, embrace your efforts and give yourself treats like foods you like on the day you aren’t on a diet plan.


A little reward of smoothies over resting time won’t make you gain back all the pounds you have shredded away. This rewarding activity will make your brain Clench to it, which make you believe that all efforts did, is worthwhile and this, in turn, increases the odds of making your workouts a ritual.


  • Find a support community

Needless to say, no one is going to pay you for losing just a pound. In most support community, badges, gift cards are given to the biggest loser after a week or after a month period. While this might sound too good to be true, what will utterly inspire you is seeing people just like you trying hard, having means to lose 30 pounds in 30 days and doing what it takes to achieve it. The laugh, the thumbs up, and words of love and encouragement are definitely what money can’t offer you.




  • Ask yourself if you regret to skip a workout

If you can regret not taking your medications, that should make feel well and better. The question is, will you will regret skipping workouts? If you can answer the question, you are a step towards motivating yourself into regular workouts.


  • Get yourself addicted to the feeling after workouts

One of the motivations you should cherish is the endorphins rush. The smile, happy thoughts and the good vibes about yourself after a workout are something you will be seriously addicted to.



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