Is it so Hard and Unhealthy to Melt Legs, Hips and Tummy Fat, Fast

Here I may help you with some effective and general tips you should follow to accelerate the reduction of fat from your hips, belly and legs:

Do regular exercises, every morning, but in this case specifically for the lower body, and try to alternate, throughout the days.

Doing regular exercises is a must! Without the proper exercise and calorie burning cardio exercises, it will not get you where you want! Regardless! If you want a speedy weight loss program, you must work for it.

THE KEY is to improve the blood flow and to burn calories and them, also tone and grow the muscle in a healthy way.


Here are some of the most effective lower body exercises you can do:


Running, climbing stairs, skipping, jumping jags are few good examples of cardio exercises I also do. Do at least one of them right and it will be ok. This tones the lower body muscles and burn the most calories, because they are large muscle groups. 15 minutes of cardio a day can do wonders, believe me!





This is one of the best, if not the best exercise you can do if you want to have the most visible results. But manage your knees please! 3 sets of 15 repetitions each, with increasing the weight in each set. This will tighten and tone your leg muscles and burn very many calories.









Leg raises

Not being a base workout for this, it can be done as per your convenience. This can also be done in the office while you sit on the chair, just raise and stretch. Sitting for to long not only accumulates fat, also helps the development of cellulite. Try and raise your legs and feel the stretch.

Repeat as much as you can till you feel a difference. Something like 4-5 sets of maximum numbers of raises each.


A MUST to lose hip fat, is to maintain a particular dietary schedule!!  This works in general for fat loss, along with the exercise, this is essential!


For a bit of advice, HERE is a nice video you can check, and access the link so you can get the FREE and easy 3 Day diet plan along with that full workout.


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