New Book by Think About Health Member

Former member of the executive committee Val Iles has published a new book: “Why Reforming the NHS Doesn't Work: the importance of understanding how good people offer bad care”.

Drawing on the insights of a dozen observers of the NHS from fields including sociology, anthropology, history, moral and political philosophy, and psychology, “Why Reforming the NHS Doesn't Work” argues that attempts at reform have so far exacerbated the problem, and offers a vision of what might be done instead.

Val is an independent academic consultant in the field of health management, working with a number of universitiesand organisations across the NHS.

She has contriubted to several events organised by the Think About Health network, most recently delivering a talk entitled "Has the Public Sector been captured by the vested interests of economists?" at our conference Climatic Change in NHS Values – What Happens “The Day After Tomorrow”?

To download a copy of the book from Val's website, click