Who are the Think About Health Network?

Think About Health is an interdisciplinary network of professionals, users and academics that aims to improve the ‘intellectual plumbing’ of the NHS as well participants’ own thinking and practice.
A full list of members can be found here.

Background and Activities

The creation of the Think About Health network was first proposed at a meeting in Cardiff in August 2007. This meeting built on the foundations laid by the Report on the Nuffield Trust Seminar “Health Care and the Public Interest”, which had concluded that:
“it was vital to begin to establish open public spaces for informed and critical thought and discussion about fundamental aims, values and directions in a publicly owned and run service”
At the Cardiff meeting it was decided that a forum was needed to allow all parties interested in UK health policy and its direction to meet and discuss their concerns, with a view to changing things for the better.

What do we do?

Following our successful inaugural conference, “On the 'Remoralisation' of Health Policy”, held in Manchester in April 2008, the network was formally established in Birmingham in January 2009. The minutes of the founding meeting can be found
here, and the network constitution here.
The network continues to meet together to think together about the issues and problems arising in the contemporary NHS to derive insights and understandings that are stimulating and valuable for theoreticians, practitioners and users.
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Who can become a member or associate?

Think About Health has members and mailing list associates who are service users, nurses, GPs, physicians, lawyers, philosophers, managers and others.

We welcome all those who are interested in thinking about health – regardless of background, profession or discipline – as members or mailing list associates.

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