The NHS as "Civil Association"

Think about Health
NHS as Civil Association
13th-14th April 2012

The objective of this conference was to bring together academics, physicians, charity workers, and others interested in the organisation and provision of health in the UK, in order to discuss its moral and political foundations.  The conference was, in part, inspired by Andrew Edgar’s paper 'The Health Service as Civil Association', and the argument that the NHS is to be understood as a civil association.  This entails that the provision of health care is expressive of the moral self-understanding of a community, and that open and public discussion over the justice of health care provision is vital to sustaining and legitimating both health care itself, be this at the level of the organisation or in individual practice, and to the sense of community.  The conference aimed to provide a forum within which this idea could be debated, but also strove to be a manifestation of civil association and debate over health care.

13th April

Friday 13th April

10.30 Welcome and Introduction.

11.00  Peter Sedgwick (Reader in Philosophy, Cardiff University)
‘Michael Oakeshott and Civil Association’  audio

11.30  Andrew Edgar (Reader in Philosophy, Cardiff University)
‘NHS as Civil Association’  audio

12.00 Plenary discussion – academic and professional perspectives 

12.30 Lunch

1.30 Paper: Ruth Appleton (Santé Refugee Mental Health Access Project)
‘NHS and the Asylum seeker’  audio

2.15 Malcolm Rigler (North Somerset PCT) and Rob MacDonald (Liverpool John Moores University)
‘From Rage to Rebuilding’  audio 
(To read Robert Macdonald's paper "The Psychiatric Hospital: phenomenological, spatial and architectural experience of mental illness", please click here.)

3.00  Tea

3.30 Key Note Address
John Gillies (Chair, Royal Collage of General Practitioners, Scotland)
‘The NHS in Scotland and England—reflections of a GP’ audio

4.30 Peter West –Oram (University of Birmingham)
‘Civil Association or Commodity?’

5.15 Close

Saturday 14th April

9.30 Paper :  David Taylor-Gooby (Lay member, Durham Dales, Easington and Sedgefield Commissioning group)
‘A Community Ethic’ 
(To read David Taylor-Gooby's paper "A Community Ethic in Relation to Health", please click here.)

Heather Widdows (Professor of Global Ethics, University of Birmingham)
‘Health and Public Goods’

11.15 Tea/Coffee

Paper: Bob Brecher (Brighton University)
'Kant, the neo-liberal revolution and the NHS'

12.30 Lunch

1.30  Panels 

2.15 Ann Gallagher (Reader in Nursing Ethics, University of Surrey)
‘The Use and Misuse of Dignity in Care’

3.00  Plenary discussion
(Responses, future actions)

4.00 close

Conference Feedback