Summer 2014 Conference

Summer 2014 Conference

Flourishing in Difficult Times

19th to 20th June 2014
Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham

What does it mean for a health service to flourish? 

How might a sense of flourishing underpin other goals, such as building a just and compassionate service?
How can both patients and practitioners be helped to flourish in the face of adversity? 
The 2014 Think about Health Conference will address the conceptual and practical problems of flourishing in health care.

For more information about the conference, including keynote speakers and how to attend, follow this link or download the conference pack here.  You can now book tickets online here.

Think About Health

'Think about health is a jewel. It is rare and valuable. There are so few places where it is possible to explore issues in depth and breadth in the way the TAH conferences and day events allow. 
The combination of philosophers with clinicians and managers and interested academic/consultants ensures that the discussion is relevant but also genuinely thought provoking and a link to a rich  treasury of reading and other resources. 

It is wonderful to have a space where academic disciplines can contribute to the thinking of those of us more directly involved with solving society's problems.' 

Valerie Iles (founding member Think about Health)